The Pandora Intelligence ENGINE

We revolutionize decision-making by delivering predictive and actionable intelligence. Our uniquely designed SaaS ENGINE facilitates decision-making processes by leveraging data analysis and providing insights and recommendations.

It aims to streamline operations, increase productivity and optimize outcomes.
While risk reduction is an important consideration, decision-making software encompasses a broader spectrum of functionalities to address the diverse needs of our customers. 




Getting started

The Pandora Intelligence ENGINE can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud, and in any environment that suits the technical and legal needs of our clients.



Why customers choose Pandora Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us in our approach to handle tasks at a pace and scale humans can’t match.

Reduce tedious tasks by


Increase productivity by


Increase your output by


Narrative Approach

In our narrative approach we use scenario components, originating from the movie industry, to reveal narratives in data. We combine these components with an AI-powered ontology to leverage all sorts of data, build predictive and actionable intelligence, have a single source of truth for decision-making, and handle tasks at a pace and scale that humans can’t match.

Organize and leverage all sorts of data


Build predicitve and actionable intelligence


Create a single source of truth for decision-making


Handle tasks at a pace and scale humans can’t match


Elementary Scenario Components

Narratives have been central to human life for thousands of years. They let us share information in a way that creates a connection and help us to understand each other. A scenario refers to a sequence of events that are interconnected and have a coherent structure, which includes information about goals, motivations, and modus operandi. Pandora Intelligence uses 12 Elementary Scenario Components (ESC12) to reveal narratives in data, providing crucial insights and recommendations.



An ontology captures the connections between data points and helps to organize and leverage enormous amounts of data in a flexible way.

This enables our customers to easily understand the data available to their organization. Our ontology forms the single source of truth for decision-making.