Cargo Intelligence

Automate cargo screening and effectively manage compliance and safety risks.

Cargo Intelligence empowers carriers, freight forwarders, logistics operators, and customs authorities to efficiently process high volumes of cargo while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Do you also want to automate cargo screening to manage compliance and safety risks timely?

Cargo and freight companies face significant challenges arising from resource constraints

These limitations involve financial constraints, technological gaps, and a scarcity of human resources, impeding their ability to screen cargo in a timely manner and with consistent quality. This obstacle not only heightens the risk of non-compliance, but also hampers their ability to minimize risks related to dangerous goods, resulting in additional costs, impacting their competitive position in the industry.

Cargo Intelligence provides a data-led risk assessment of cargo shipments

By automating and enhancing the cargo screening, Cargo Intelligence makes it possible to process high volumes of cargo in a timely and consistent manner. It enables early detection of sanctioned entities, and dangerous, prohibited, or restricted goods. Leveraging existing knowledge and data sources, it generates actionable and predictive intelligence, empowering analysts to focus their time on cargo which poses the highest risk. This results in the ability to make faster, more accurate and consistent decisions in the screening process, ensuring compliance, safety, and supporting a competitive position in the industry.

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How it provides a data-led risk assessment of cargo shipments.
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Remain compliant with international laws and regulations and decrease the risk of financial penalties while safeguarding brand and reputation.


Increase the ability to process high volumes of cargo with automated, consistent, and timely screening.

Cost savings

Reduce dependency on manual labor, minimize errors, and overcome staffing challenges by automating repetitive tasks.


Streamline operations to reduce the risk of business disruption, increase customer satisfaction and safeguard efficiency in the supply chain.


Make sure the screening process is done in an accurate and consistent way and remains up-to-date with international laws and regulations.