A brief introduction to  Pandora Intelligence

Pandora Intelligence is dedicated to empowering organizations with fast and responsible decision-making through a revolutionary SaaS ENGINE. Using a narrative approach with an AI-powered ontology, it creates predictive and actionable intelligence out of large amounts of dynamic and diverse data. Serving governments, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises such as airlines and financial institutions, Pandora Intelligence operates globally with value-added partners.



Our purpose

To create a safer world

Our core values


We embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, fearlessly exploring new ideas and approaches. We are not afraid to fail, as we view it as an opportunity to learn, iterate, and push the boundaries of what is possible.


We recognize that a better and safer world can only be achieved in a safe and inclusive work environment. Integrity is the cornerstone of our interactions, guiding us to act honestly, transparently, and ethically in all our endeavors.


We foster open discussions to address any concerns and take pride in our achievements. We make decisions while considering the impact on others, promoting a culture of accountability and integrity.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We help them to make complex decisions, in a fast and responsible way, by harnessing the power of narratives.

Our Mission

To enable you to understand your world, make fast and responsible decisions, and act decisively.

Our leadership team


Pandora Intelligence traces its origins back to its innovative founder, Prof. Dr. Peter de Kock. His journey began at the film academy of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, where he uncovered the compelling influence of narrative structures in cinema and documentaries. Furthering his academic pursuits, he completed a Master's degree in Criminal Investigation at the Police Academy and ascended through the ranks of the National Police, overseeing various departments. It was here that he pioneered the use of creative scenarios as a novel method to boost crime detection, an endeavor that culminated in earning his Ph.D. in 2014. This groundbreaking work laid the foundational methodology behind Pandora Intelligence's unique approach.

Concurrently, Peter Rakké was forging a revolutionary path, pioneering a methodology that empowered computers to connect with and dissect vast datasets through ontological frameworks. Holding the position of CTO in various corporations since the early nineties, he crafted algorithms capable of extracting insights from raw data, a feat that positioned him at the forefront of what we now recognize as Artificial Intelligence, long before the term became a staple in technological discourse.

In 2017, the team welcomed Ard Jol, who initiated the transformation of their groundbreaking concepts and software into a scalable, commercially viable entity. Under Ard's guidance, the company flourished through its formative years, establishing a solid foundation for future growth. Fast forward to 2023, and Pandora Intelligence embarks on a new chapter with Joost van Hest at the helm as CEO. With a proven track record of driving high-impact growth strategies at prominent organizations like Salesforce and British Telecom, Joost brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to propel the company forward.