Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Discovering the narrative in data

Discovering the narrative in data

Information is available in abundance, yet many organizations struggle to turn this information into actionable intelligence. Integrating with your existing processes, the Pandora Intelligence platform empowers you to create value out of data, improve productivity and drive growth.

Pandora Intelligence makes use of 12 Elementary Scenario Components (ESC12) to identify the narrative in data and provide crucial insights.

Insights are put into data visualizations, dashboards, and reports to substantiate actions and decisions taken by your organization.

The intelligence equation

From strategy to operations, data fuels present and future of organizations. Pandora Intelligence’s 12 Elementary Scenario Components (ESC12) consolidate information about the present with knowledge from the past in order to build relevant and actionable intelligence.


Law enforcement and defense

When national security is at stake, Pandora Intelligence enables law enforcement and defense with real-time contextual intelligence. By combining an extensive range of data sources with real time information, the Pandora Intelligence platform produces operational scenarios and provides relevant remediation information. When every second counts and when intelligence is crucial, the Pandora Intelligence platform supports your operations with decisive insights.


To mitigate crises and fight subversive crime, Pandora Intelligence supports governmental bodies with strategic situational awareness. By combining relevant data sources with real-time information about incidents, or information relating to businesses operating in your municipality or industrial area, our platform generates the relevant risk insights. To efficiently fight subversive crime or manage crisis situations, the Pandora Intelligence platform provides command-centers and other bodies real-time and decisive intelligence.

Financial institutions

To remain in control of risk and to comply with regulations, Pandora Intelligence empowers financial institutions with in-depth due diligence of customers. By combining specific data sources with customer information, our platform generates the customer risk profile, continuously monitors evolution of those, and provides a complete overview of risks. The Pandora Intelligence platform empowers your Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer operations.

Logistics and customs

To comply with laws and regulations, and manage risk, Pandora Intelligence empowers freight forwarders, international logistics operators and customs with risk assessment of stakeholders and shipments. By combining specific data sources with sender, recipient and shipment information, our platform generates the cargo or freight risk profile. To manage risk and ensure compliance, the Pandora Intelligence platform supports your organization assessing shipment risks.

"As soon as a call comes in, the Pandora Intelligence platform combines information such as weather conditions, risk locations, company or subject information and data from previous incidents. In a few seconds it suggests the most effective operational scenario to follow"