Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Cargo control

Safety and compliance of large freight volumes require fast and in-depth consignor, consignee and waybill screening

Due to the combination of safety, health and environmental rules to comply with, and the continuous growth of cargo volume, freight shipment and freight security specialists face challenges to timely handle the screening of freight.

That is why Pandora Intelligence’s Cargo Control empowers freight carriers, forwarders and customs with a comprehensive overview of cargo, including the background and context of consignor, consignee and related waybill.

Cargo control provides the analytical power to extract information from waybills (or preload), and assess the domains of activity and background of consignor and consignee against risks. Thereby a lower probability to offboard, or unintentionally disregard, unauthorized cargo, resulting in hefty fines. The ability to anticipate risks timely, enables organizations in handling and clearing more freight in less time.

To provide actionable intelligence, Pandora Intelligence’s platform makes use of data from a broad range of sources, which is combined and transformed into risk scenarios. In order to optimize utilization of the platform and sharing of information, it can be integrated with your existing tools and resources.

  • Overcome the lack of staff thanks to an automatically generated and comprehensive overview of the cargo, including consignor and consignee
  • Get a risk status based on the combination of background information about consignor, consignee and shipped goods
  • Keep a track record of information gathered and used for decision-making, and generate reports to prove compliance
  • Reduce costs with automated processes, delivering in-depth and high-quality analytics in real-time while lowering the risk of noncompliance and potential fines
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge management with the ability to share cases across users

A cargo carrier receives a new demand for shipment from an unregistered consignor. Thereby, the carrier starts carrying out the onboarding procedure to assess the feasibility and legality of the request. The analysts have to validate that neither the consignor or consignee, or their respective owners are subject to sanctions, or that their countries are under specific embargos. Then, the goods and their descriptions have to be analyzed, unfortunately the waybill is poor in information and analysts have to search find out more about the content of shipment before assessing a potentially link with strategic military goods, contraband, or even dangerous goods.

In the exercise described hereabove, one analyst spent a whole day manually gathering background information from various sources and personal knowledge to be able to clear cargo. The same result was achieved in less than 2 minutes by the same analyst working with Cargo Control.

When a waybill is received, the platform immediately extracts relevant information. This information is then used to perform screening of the consignor and consignee, by consulting a broad range of sources (such as but not limited to chambre of commerce, sanction lists, PEP lists). The text and pictures of websites of both parties are then automatically analyzed by the platform, identifying content which can be related to activities or goods subject to restrictions. Enriched with information about the cargo itself, the platform can draw a complete picture of the situation and thereby provide a risk level for the analyst to make a decision.

Timely and efficiently clearing cargo while unburdening your teams