Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

An adaptive platform tailored to your needs

An adaptive platform tailored to your needs

Most organizations have repetitive, tedious and difficult workflows, resulting in an increase of operational costs, decrease of productivity and serious scalability challenges.

The Pandora Intelligence platform is built to automate the complex analytics tasks, reduce the need for manual work, and empower its users in timely and efficiently making decisions. To power its cognitive functions the platform makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), effectively enabling it to interpret natural language, correlate information and apply the reasoning pertinent to your organization’s goals.

For the Pandora Intelligence platform to suit your needs, it is tailored to your business logic through configuration and integrated with your existing environment through APIs.

Tailored to your needs

To tailor the platform to your business logic, our consultants schedule interviews with your key stakeholders and gather all important requirements.

The tailoring work involves potential enrichment of the available ontology, assessment of available and required data-sources, setup of the data structure, creation of reasoning and rules. Integration with new or proprietary data sources might results in development of API integrations.

Promptly operational

To ensure timely availability of the solution, our consultants involve our technical specialists to support deployment of the platform in the environment of your choice.

When the platform is deployed, the tailoring work takes place. Once tailoring is done, the consultants will connect the data sources and proceed to acceptance tests jointly with your stakeholders. Access to the platform is then granted, and training is given to the future users.

The intelligence equation

Information is available in abundance, yet many organizations struggle to turn this information into actionable intelligence.

That’s why Pandora Intelligence builds intelligence according to the following formula: The combination of “knowledge of the past” with “information about the present” results in “intelligence for the future”. By correlating real-time or current information against knowledge, it is possible to identify similarities and thereby conceive realistic scenarios, which can be used to make anticipative decisions.

To be able to combine past and present information, and build scenarios out of it, Pandora Intelligence makes use of 12 Elementary Scenario Components (ESC12) which act as an abstraction layer on top of the world’s ontology.

These components did prove to be extremely valuable and effective when used by law enforcement and defense, therefore Pandora Intelligence then broadened their application to support a wider range of challenges.

The platform

Pandora Intelligence has developed a platform that provides the aforementioned concepts in the form of analytical power and industry specific solutions.

Company data, external sources and creative scenarios

For each customer, Pandora Intelligence tailors the ontology used by the platform. To empower your organization in problem solving, the platform is connected to data sources such as but not limited to company data, specialized commercial data sources and open sources. Those will be a major ingredient to substantiate scenario creation.

Artificial intelligence

Information alone won’t do the trick, that is why Pandora Intelligence’s platform uses Artificial Intelligence to power its analytics. The analytics can be used to detect anomalies, deviations, risks, and other scenarios which provide necessary highlights to make efficient and timely decisions.

The 12 Elementary Scenario Components (ESC12)

Human culture is based on stories, the so-called narratives, as observable in the word history, which is composed of “story”. For a long time, each story was made up of the 5 golden “W”, respectively: Who, What, Where, When and Why. However, these are not always sufficient to build the story completely, let alone the ability to anticipate the course or end of a story.

That’s why Pandora Intelligence has created 12 basic components, originating from the movie industry. These 12 components can be used to tell and structure any story. The 12 Elementary Scenario Components are: Arena (location), Time(frame) (time or timeframe), Context, Protagonist, Antagonist, Motivation, Primary objective, Meaning, Modus Operandi (a specific course of action), Resistance, Red herring (technique to distract someone) and Symbolism.

Data visualization in relations, space and time

Underneath each of the 12 components are numerous layers of information, and therefore to keep the visualization of the relation between data elements simple, the platform provides the situation overview in the form of a relational data graph. In order to better appreciate the consecutiveness of events through time, another available visualization is the timeline. For events which have a physical location, another visualization is the localization, showing the geographical position on a map.

All those insights are also available in dashboards and reports to substantiate actions and decisions taken by your organization.