Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Understand the world with Pandora Intelligence

Law enforcement & Defense

Preserving national security and safety requires real-time and in-depth intelligence

To handle crisis situations, disasters or disruption of public order adequately, understanding their context and background is of utmost importance. Building such understanding implies collection and analysis of extensive amounts of information in a timely fashion. In addition, in order to support strategic decision making, such information should be correlated against knowledge from past, similar, situations. The breadth and dept of information to collect and process is too important for analysts to be able to process manually and timely.

Pandora Intelligence provides the analytical power to produce real-time comprehensive context in situations in which every minute counts. To do so, Pandora Intelligence’s platform collects data from a broad range of sources and combines it with real-time information to create relevant intelligence. This intelligence effectively empowers your organization in handling complex situations timely and efficiently, and safeguarding knowledge.

They trust us:

Ministry of defense, national police, emergency dispatch centers, emergency operations centers, and law enforcement bodies make use of Pandora Intelligence’s platform to safeguard national security and safety.

How Pandora Intelligence can help you

Actual event from an emergency dispatch center

The emergency dispatch center receives a call from a man in distress, he indicates that an intruder has threatened him with a firearm and kidnapped his wife. This whole conversation lasted 17 minutes and resulted in roughly 4 lines of text written by the responder. In order to further process this information into actionable intelligence including location, license plate and identity of the offender, it took the response team more than 105 minutes. By the time the search warrant has been issued and shared with international law enforcement, it was too late for the woman.

How Crisis Control would have helped

As soon as an incoming call is picked up, it is automatically transcribed. The textual information is immediately used to gather data from a wide range of sources, whereby intelligence about the ongoing case is built in real-time. The complete overview of the situation is built in 118 seconds, allowing operators to be sent on the field with the right context straight away. In a situation in which every minute counts, the platform would have made a life-saving difference.

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