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Machine Learning Engineer

We are looking for

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Machine Learning Engineer with focus mainly (but not exclusively) on NLP . You will be responsible for designing, developing and maintaining end-to-end machine learning solutions . It is also required for candidates to have good understanding of APIs, while some basic web interface development skills would be considered a plus.

Your responsibilities

  • Research existing and/or develop ML algorithms for our different projects
  • Identify the proper tools and frameworks for solving various challenges
  • Conceive, design, develop and maintain AI solutions and models
  • Integrate models within our current infrastructure and build on top of it
  • Review existing and newly build architecture and provide technical guidance for other team members and interns

The Pandora Intelligence AI tech stack

  • Development: Python, FastAPI, Streamlit
  • NLP/AI libraries and frameworks: Spacy, NLTK, scikit-learn, AllenNLP, PyTorch, Huggingface
  • Infrastructure: BentoML, Docker, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, AzureML, Vertex AI

Skills, experience and knowledge

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or engineering, preferably with a focus on AI
  • Proficiency in programming in Python
  • Experience with NLP and relevant projects
  • Experience with at least three of the machine learning libraries and frameworks mentioned in our tech stack
  • Deep understanding of various NLP techniques such as: text classification, semantic search, named entity recognition, coreference resolution, semantic role labeling, question answering, etc.

Why choose Pandora Intelligence

Pandora intelligence offers a flexible work environment. We don’t believe in micromanagement, and give people the opportunity to learn, grow, and and work on projects that really matter!

Due to the nature of our work, background checks are part of the application process.

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