Pandora Intelligence

"If crime were not predictable,
we would not have the field of criminal profiling.
We would also not have as many interesting movies or books.”

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

About us

With Pandora Intelligence we help international Law Enforcement Agencies, (Non) Governmental Organisations and (commercial) companies to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.

With our (patented) scenario-based approach we are able to discover narratives in unstructured data. Additionally, we add real-time competitive information to these narratives and generate intelligence-based scenarios that help our customers to better anticipate future developments. 

Pandora Intelligence provides Intelligence-driven consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations. We help some of the most influential organizations in the world to mitigate risks and maximize their opportunities.

To us Intelligence is the combination of knowledge and information:


K (Knowledge) + f (information) = I (Intelligence)


Therefore, we support our clients by:


discovering hidden Knowledge in their enterprise data by using our patented scenario model

acquiring Information about adverse organisations, and relating this information to the scenario model

providing Intelligence, based on Knowledge and Information

Our story

In 1990 an art-student at the Film-academy was asked a question: Would it be possible to compile a list of “building-blocks” by which ANY scenario can be described?


In 2010 a team-leader of a covert unit of the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Service, was asked a similar question: “Would it be possible to compile a list of “building-blocks” by which a terrorist scenario can be anticipated?”

It so happened the art-student and team-leader were the same person. This is where story of Pandora Intelligence starts.

In September 2014 Peter de Kock (former art-student and former team leader of a covert unit of the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Service) earned his Ph.D. by defending his thesis Anticipating Criminal Behaviour. The dissertation was based on the questions mentioned above, and evaluates the design of a computer model that regards criminal offences as scenarios, built from building blocks.
The designed scenario model was able to compare, combine, and create criminal incidents. Effectively, it facilitated discovering the narrative of criminal organisations. Moreover, it suggested interventions to change their story to the benefit of society.

Our ambition

With Pandora Intelligence we have built and perfected the scenario model designed by De Kock. We adopt a narrative approach to combine and correlate enterprise data from our customers, with data from open sources, and creative data such as films, books, and theatre plays. Moreover, we actively acquire data about adverse organisations. The combined dataset is fed into our scenario model which enables us to discover the narrative of competing organisations. Subsequently it enables us to offer ‘alternarratives’ or intervention-options that adjust this story to the benefit of our customers.

With Pandora Intelligence we assist international Law Enforcement Agencies, (Non) Governmental Organisations and (commercial) companies. We help them to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.


Essentially, it is our ambition to make the world a safer place.